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History of the location

The new building in which the restaurant is located stands at a site where the early history of Brno began with the settlement of Slavs sometime in the first millennium. All Saints Church was located at the site, known in the 13th century as Rope Hill. The first mention of the church dates to 1260, when town burgher Rudolf donated it to the Oslavany Cistercians. The order held the right of patronage until 1532, at which point ownership of the church was assumed by the city. The church was destroyed during the Swedish siege of Brno in 1645. On display in the restaurant is part of the Gothic chancel from the 13th century, a listed landmark in the city of Brno. The Bruno Antiqua – Staré Brno settlement was founded at the base of Špilberk Hill at the beginning of the 13th century. The name of the city is derived from the Old Slavic term brn or brnje, meaning mud or swamp. Hence, the city is probably named after the muddy banks of the River Svratka.

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Kopečná 43 . BRNO . 602 00, Phone: 515 537 500 . Hours: Tuesday – Friday   1700 – 2300, Sunday   1200 – 2300